High-performing anti-corrosion protection, available from aviation suppliers at £13.99

XCP Rust Blocker 400ml spray can.

Manufactured by East Lothian-based XCP Corrosion Technologies and also available in non-aerosol 500ml trigger spray bottles, XCP Rust Blocker is claimed to provide ‘the next level in rust prevention’ and long lasting, maximum protection against rust and corrosion.

It is recommended for use on exposed metal surfaces, including engine compartments, undercarriage, rotor head, grip areas, antenna mounts, cannon plugs, electrical connections, shafts, blades and any other surface subject to the effects of corrosion. It is claimed to provide excellent protection against galvanic corrosion and conforms to DEF STAN 68/10.

XCP forms a clear flexible film that resists cracking. The product can be wiped, sprayed, brushed or used for dipping, providing a durable, soft coating that will provide ‘outstanding’ corrosion and rust prevention.

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