Log your flight tracks with this pocket sized GPS tracker

IF you own a handheld GPS you may already know that you can download a file of your flight track from it and overlay it into Google Earth to see where you’ve been. But, if you also want some way of marking interesting places then you might want to look at this ‘travel recorder’ from Qstarz. At a dinky fit-in-hand size, this baby charges up from a 12V socket or mains. After charging, install the software on your computer then attach the Qstarz with a mini-usb lead. Once linked up you can customise how you want the GPS device to log your flight track – every 10 seconds, minute or by distance. In flight, press the red button whenever you want to mark a position (or take a photograph as this will also geo-tag). The device can stay in your pocket or by adding some velcro on the back you could place it on your cockpit panel. After flight, attach the Travel Recorder to your PC and download the flight log.Everything you need is in the box, which is very refreshing, and the accuracy is spot on.  It’s rechargeable, can log up to 200,000 items and runs for 32 hours. The Bluetooth also means you can pair it to talk to your phone or PDA to turn them into a Sat Nav. Price �80.www.qstarz.com