£46.99 for the flight guide (loose-leaf, with binder); £8.99 for the diary (bound in blue leatherette)

Pooley’s 60th anniversary Flight Guide United Kingdom 2017 and Pooley’s Pilot’s Diary 2017

As it says on the tin – well, Pooley’s website – the Flight Guide provides ‘definitive information on more than 930 UK aerodromes’ and includes over 450 landing- and multi-coloured area charts. Private airfields and farm strips are included, as well as helicopter landing sites, microlight sites, glider sites, parascending sites and free-fall parachute sites.

There is information on everything you need to know, including notified controlled airspace, airspace classification, VFR criteria and VMC minima, specified minimum weather provisions, ATC regulations and procedures, air traffic control services, controlling authorities and comms frequencies – the whole nine yards.

The loose-leaf version comes with a free updating service. Taking up less room in the cockpit, bound and spiral-bound editions are available for £26.99, but these do not of course have any updates between annual editions.

While the paper editions are still popular, Airbox, SkyDemon and Pocket FMS users are able to access Pooley’s Flight Guide through separate, chargeable subscriptions available from the provider.

Separately, Pooley’s offers an iPlates Subscription Card at £25, which contains a scratch panel to reveal an alphanumeric code. This code is entered on a website and gives a one-year subscription to the UK guide with in the iPlates app.

The pilot’s diary is something I would be without. Besides some useful general diary stuff like maps, including the vital London Underground one, it offers a mini flight guide, a mini log book and a wealth of other aviation information.

Review by Philip Whiteman

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