After an MXS-R pilot nearly came to grief, MX Aircraft has said it will no longer supply aircraft for Red Bull Air Races

A letter dated 17 June has been circulated by Chris Meyer of MX Aircraft. It says,’As of two days ago our company, MX Aircraft, formally excluded itself from supplying aircraft for use in the Red Bull Air Races. Many things have contributed to our decision to withdraw from the sport (show) including first and foremost the arrogant unsafe and foolish approach to aviation exhibited by those currently running the races.’

The letter continues: ‘e will again focus our attention toward manufacturing first class aerobatic and sport aircraft which is the main reason we developed our planes to begin with. If there’s one positive I can draw from my experience with the RBAR it’s that we have been forced to continually refine our planes over the years and as a result we are now producing 1150 pound six cylinder all composite aircraft. Pretty amazing as back a year or two ago I for one never thought it would be possible.’

In a reference to Matt Hall’s near-crash on 5 June at the Windsor, Ontario qualifying session, the letter adds: ‘And it appears you can run them into the water pretty hard and survive also.’