FIS, RIS, RAS to be replaced outside controlled airspace

GA Flight Information Services outside controlled airspace as pilots currently know them are about to change, the CAA has revealed.The authority has launched a consultation process over proposals to replace the FIS, (Flight Information Service), RIS (Radar information Service), RAS (Radar Advisory Service), Mandatory Control, Air Traffic Advisory Service and Approach Control Services outside controlled airspace with four new levels of flight information service— Basic, Traffic, Deconfliction and Procedural.John Clark, Assistant Director of Airspace Policy in the CAA, said: “We decided to initiate a review following concerns raised by controllers, pilots and incident investigators that there were variances in the manner in which ATSOCAS (Air Traffic Services Outside Controlled Airspace) were being provided and a general lack of understanding of the subject. The review, which has since become part of the industry-wide Airspace and Safety Initiative, has resulted in the set of proposals under consultation.It is proposed that all the new services will be published in one publication (CAP 774) that will apply to both civil and military air traffic service providers and pilots. Full details can be found at The consultation process runs until 14 December.To tie in with the consultation a new Airspace and Safety Initiative (ASI) website has also been launched. will now be the focal point for all elements of the ASI project and provide valuable information for all airspace users and service providers including the full details of the ATSOCAS consultation and how to respond to it.The website will also provide access to the existing Flyontrack airspace infringement website. Flyontrack will still be available at and still be independently managed by respected instructor Irv Lee. However, the site will be completely re-designed over the coming weeks to make it more accessible.