ABOVE: Carbon Cubs were initially powered by the CC340, a 180hp engine based on Lycoming’s O-320

American aircraft manufacturer CubCrafters has revealed a new engine specifically designed for Carbon Cub aircraft in the Experimental category fitted with fixed-pitch propellers. Called the CC363i F/P, it is a version of the 186hp four-cylinder, fuel-injected CC363i engine introduced by CubCrafters in 2017 and designed for constant-speed props. Carbon Cubs were initially powered by CubCrafters’ CC340, which was a 180hp engine based on Lycoming’s O-320.

“This is an engine our customers have been specifically asking for, especially our kit aircraft customers. It’s simple to operate and has better overall performance than any of the other engines fitted with fixed-pitch props that we offer. It’s smoother, more fuel efficient, and cools better” said Brad Damm, CubCrafters vice president of sales and marketing.

The company says the CC363i F/P will offer a horsepower increase of almost five percent for an installed weight increase of only three kilogrammes, when compared to the CC340. It also pointed out that the new engine will be better able to tolerate mogas and the next generation of aviation fuels than similar higher compression ratio engines.’

The CC363i F/P is currently in the final phases of flight testing and the company hopes to begin shipping the model to customers in September. It will be offered exclusively on experimental/amateur-built Carbon Cubs including the EX-2, EX-3, FX-2 and FX-3 models. The original Light Sport Carbon Cub will continue to be powered by the ASTM-certified CC340 engine.

Image: CubCrafters