Kicking off in fine weather, this year’s homebuilder and Permit aircraft get-together was a popular hit.

Taking place across 31 August to 2 September, this year’s Rally built on the success of returning the Light Aircraft Association’s annual fly-in to Sywell.

The event saw the UK debut of the factory-built Carbon Cub, which Pilot flight tested in our August issue. The aircraft drew a lot of interest and stunned those present for its departure by taking off after an unbelievably short run and ascending rocket-like into the sky.

Visitors to the marquee dedicated to homebuilding could marvel at Lynn Williams’ two-seater Flitzer. Currently under development, this is an evocative built-from-plans design – although access to the front seat appears to require supple limbs, even with the drop-down door.

While Pilot heard some minor gripes about there being few new aircraft in evidence, as a social event for LAA members and aircraft enthusiasts the Rally was judged a great success. It was also very well organised, not least in accommodating 1,900 movements over the three-day period – 865 on Saturday alone.