Roger Hopkinson appointed president of European industry body

Roger Hopkinson the LAA Chairman has been appointed the President of the European Federation of Light, Experimental and Vintage Aircraft (EFLEVA).  EFLEVA is a new association established to represent the major national amateur built & vintage aircraft associations at Europe Air Sport (EAS) and EASA. It was founded in France on 13th July 2007 by 12 different associations from 11 European countries. EFLEVA acts independently, but with good relations and co-operation with all relevant national and international organizations.  The aim of the Federation is to promote, support and represent the interests of its members at the European level, in respect of all relevant regulatory matters. EFLEA will represent the interests of builders and restorers of aircraft owners and operators.  At present different operating rules apply within the 11 European country members, with each country operating to different levels of responsibility for pilots, builders, the national body and the members association. This will all be standardized by EASA, but EFLEVA aim is to ensure the rights of the pilots, builders and the members associations are maintained where necessary and improved if possible.  Upon accepting the role of President Roger said “The next year for EFLEVA will be one in which we support member’s interests as a result of the significant regulation changes happening and proposed in Europe. The development of the new EASA European Light Aircraft category will create a new class of ready to fly aircraft and we need to ensure members associations are well positioned to support and gain from that development. It is now evident that EASA will review Annex II aircraft (currently regulated nationally and not by EASA) with a view to overseeing these aircraft over the next few years – this will particularly affect our Experimental and Vintage areas and we will position ourselves to be involved in debating and influencing any proposals. These together with changes in airspace and licensing are important to the continuation of our passion for ourselves and future generations. For EFLEVA members it is vital that we influence any changes so that current privileges are maintained in any new arrangements. This will be our prime task over the next year”