Julian Brazier flies aeros with Smokey Young at Silverstone

Normal 0 0 1 184 1049 8 2 1288 11.768 0 0 0 Shadow Aviation Minister Julian Brazier was treated to some aerobatics at the World Aerobatic Championships at Silverstone on Monday 25 August.


Brazier was also introduced to the elite flyers and had lunch in the British Aerobatics Association (BAeA) enclosure with top officials from the sport.

He was then taken skywards for a series of loops and high-g manoeuvres with renowned pilot Richard ‘Smokey’ Young over the historic race circuit.

The Conservative MP had a go himself and was full of praise for his pilot and the sport, “It was a fantastic ride which made me realise just how talented these guys are, the level of skill is terrific!”

Brazier also acknowledged the pressures and challenges that GA faces and said,