Pilot TV video report on FLY! 2006 (see below) FLY! The London Air Show has ended with an overall reaction being that the show was a success and that the industry is becoming more bouyant. The PILOT team were busy at the show and will have a full report in the June issues of the magazine. Video reports from the show are available on Pilotweb.

The PILOT TV team are at FLY! The London Air Show.  See our video reports on the show 


 VIDEO: PILOT TV full report on Fly! The London Air Show – includes days one to three


 VIDEO: PILOT TV report on the final day of FLY!


 VIDEO: PILOT TV report on FLY! day two


 VIDEO: PILOT TV report on FLY! day one



The 2006 event attracted similar numbers to those attending the two previous events. Early indications from the organisers and exhibitors are that the proportion of people attending who subsequently made purchase was higher. There was also a general feeling among exhibitors that the GA market is healthier now that perhaps it was. Seb Pooley of pilot equipment store Pooleys told Pilot that sales were up this year on previous years. A spokesman for Fast Helicopters told us that there has been a substantial increase in take ups of helicopter PPLs and type ratings.  Mark Greenfield of Ultimate High also told us that bookings were up.


PILOT TV was active at the show and the video reports can be viewed from this news story