The Chronomat B01 receives 6 out of 6 by a specialist watch magazine

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0 0 0 BREITLING’S new Chronomat B01 has been reviewed in theSeptember edition of the German specialized trade magazine Uhren-Magazin andhas received a staggering 6 out of 6.


Uhren-Magazin is acknowledged in professional circles as theworld’s most serious watch journal and the six-page article praises theaccuracy of the Caliber B01 movement which was entirely developed and producedin-house by Breitling.


The journalist writes, “It runs with incredible precision,to the point of creating the impression that the Chronomat is equipped with aquartz movement.”


Breitling vice-president Jean-Paul Girardin said, “Thepraise heaped upon the Chronomat B01 by Uhren-Magazin is significant in that itstems from an extremely serious and neutral source, as well as being based onobjective parameters backed by concrete figures.


“At a time when consumers are clearly returning to authenticvalues, I see this as an encouraging sign for the Chronomat B01 – a wristinstrument designed to assert itself as the benchmark among selfwindingchronographs.”