Viveris Management acquires a stake in LISA Airplanes

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LISA Airplanes has completed a major corporate fund raisingeffort aimed at finalising the certification and production of itsfirst ultra-light aircraft, the AKOYA.


The AKOYA was first shown at AERO Friedrichshafen in 2007and has a ‘Multi-Access’ system which allows the aircraft to set down on snow,land and water with equal ease. A swivelling wing system, also allows the planeto be stowed onboard a yacht – the most exclusive ‘dinghy’ on the market. LISAfirmly believes there is a growing market for amphibious aircraft capable oflanding and taking off from a variety of surfaces.


Erick Herzberger, President of LISA Airplanes said,  “Viveris Management’s acquisition of astake in LISA Airplanes is a real growth opportunity for us. We are confidentof the relevance of our product on an international market that’s about toundergo a revival. The support and confidence we’ve received from ourshareholders strengthens the launch of the AKOYA decisively.”


Philippe Reynaud, Investment Manager with Viveris Managementsaid he was really impressed by the uniqueness of the AKOYA and its potentialfor marketing to a high-end segment that’s not really impacted by the currenteconomic situation. Viveris itself at the end of 2008 had €450 million in fundsunder its management and a portfolio 130 companies.


Reynaud explained further the reasons why they have investedin LISA Airplanes, “The Multi-Access concept gives this plane a realcompetitive advantage, and symbolizes the revitalization of light aviation,” hesaid.  “M