Service improved for European customers

HOMEBUILDERS will now be able to buy Dynon Avionics from Mendelssohn Pilot Supplies now it has been appointed as the European Stocking Distributor.


Harry Mendelssohn, MD said, “We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with Dynon Avionics. Their affordable Glass Cockpit avionics and autopilot have been designed specifically for the LAA home builder including flexwing/3 axis and ULM Microlights.


Mendelssohn will carry a complete inventory of Dynon products at their Edinburgh, UK location, so that customers can expect quick, efficient order processing, shipment and support. Previously homebuilders had to ship items in from the USA and also make enquiries according to the time difference.


Harry added, “Now the home build enthusiast can have supplies, fabrication of panels and most importantly technical backup during the European working day.”


Dynon expects its overall service for its European customers to improve as a result. Mendelssohn will also be offering wholesale pricing for avionics dealers and aircraft manufacturers.


Robert Hamilton, Sales and Marketing Manager for Dynon, said, “We did our homework and asked European customers who they preferred to order from within Europe.  Harry Mendelssohn’s name was consistently mentioned.  He is well known in the home build market, and has the necessary technical knowledge to help our customers with their orders and support.  We are excited to be working with Harry as our business grows in Europe.”


Home builders, aircraft manufacturers, and avionics shops can all take advantage of European inventory, ordering, and support by going to the