Production of the Mk 26 Spitfire is moving to America from Australia in January

Beginning of January 2011, the well-known Australian manufacturer of the kit-build Spitfire MK 26 and MK 26B (a replica of the famous British fighter from WW II in 80 or 90 per cent of the Original respectively) moves to the USA. The entire factory will be relocated from Australia to the city of Cisco, TX (about 100 Miles south-west of Dallas).

Felix Gadow, Importer General for Central Europe, said in a statement: “This move to the USA will allow Supermarine Aircraft to open up new markets around the world as the USA is the central pivot point for aviation of this class around the world! This will also mean that the “Spitty” can stay competitively priced with the market place as all the aircraft materials are manufactured in the USA. On our currently schedule we’re expecting to be back up to full operating potential by mid march! Pricing is going to vary as we convert to the USD and work out manufacturing cost. At this stage we will be offering the first 5 kits manufactured in the US at $150,000.00 USD. That’s a $15,000.00AUD saving.”

During the setting period of January to mid March, Supermarine Aircraft will remain contactable via the Brisbane Australia office both via Email or phone and via the usual European contacts.

For more information call Supermarine-Germany on +49-(0)8141-889 548 or look at our web page.