ABOVE: A forecast of cloud thickness along your route is one of the new features in the latest version of SkyDemon

SkyDemon has detailed the innovations in the latest iteration of its eponymous app, which is now fully compatible with Apple desktop computers (previously Apple users could only plan a flight on their smartphone or iPad). SkyDemon says that ‘all the briefing information you expect from our mobile products is [now] available in a user interface nearly identical to SkyDemon for iPad and Android.’

Other enhancements include an illustration of the forecast cloud thickness in virtual radar when ‘Flyable Conditions’ is turned on, which the firm says can really help when it comes to deciding how likely it is that you’ll be able to get on top of a cloud layer. It is now also possible to resize the virtual radar in flight, there’s been a significant redesign of the way NOTAM are sorted and a complete redesign of the ‘Direct To’ feature.

According to the firm, the new screen now ‘features a much clearer view of nearby airfields, with a visual depiction of their runway layout, lengths and surfaces, and a big arrow pointing in the direction of the airfields relevant to your current track. Tapping an airfield instantly makes it your next waypoint and its frequency will be visible in the Airfield Brief. If you need to divert in a hurry, this feature provides a lot of relevant information in only one or two touches.’