The third LSA-type aircraft to be approved to fly in the UK and Europe

EXCLUSIVEAERO AT Sp. z o.o. has just been granted an EASA Permit to Fly for it’s LSA model called the Aero AT-4.The paperwork was signed off by EASA’s Roger Hardy on June 5 2009.The AT-4 (called the Gobosh G700S in the States) will be sold through S2T Aero Ltd. at North Weald by Trevor Archer.Trevor, who is the dealer for the already popular AT-3 VLA, is finalising prices for the new model and is expecting a demo aircraft to make the flight over from the Polish factory for Aero Expo at Wycombe Air Park next weekend, where it will be displayed along side its EASA VLA-certified sister model.S2T Aero expect that the AT-4 (LSA) will be of particular interest to private owners, groups and syndicates, whereas the AT-3 (VLA), being a fully certified aircraft, will remain the first choice for flying schools and organisations carrying out PPL training and hire on a commercial basis (since LSA / Permit to Fly aircraft may only be operated on a non-commercial basis).See more at: