RAF Waddington named as new home for Reds

The Red Arrows are going to move from RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire to nearby RAF Waddington. The decision to move the Red Arrows comes after completion of a Royal Air Force Study that considered basing options for them. The study found that moving to RAF Waddington was the most suitable option in terms of the team’s operational effectiveness and value for money. The relocation will be completed by July 2011.RAF Waddington is home to the RAFs Intelligence, Surveillance, Target and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) aircraft. Waddington will provide the legendary Red Arrows display team with improved facilities while being only 5 minutes flying time from RAF Scampton. Local people will still be able to enjoy thrilling displays as the Red Arrows continue to use the dedicated airspace above RAF Scampton to practice their routines.Wing Commander Jas Hawker, commanding officer of the Red Arrows said:”RAF Scampton has been our home for many years and I thank the local people for their support during our time here. We will continue to have a strong association with the area as we will still be practicing our displays there.”The move to RAF Waddington is a new chapter in our history. We are delighted to be staying in Lincolnshire and we look forward to maintaining our close relationships with local communities.”