150 aircraft expected to fly in on 17 May

Emery-Little Insurance Brokers and Piper (UK) are holding the first Piper Open Day of 2008 on 17 May at Compton Abbas. The event will feature, for the very first time, a VIPP (Very Important Piper Pilots) Hospitality enclosure.Pilots and owners will have the opportunity to look over a new Piper Archer III aircraft which shows the all-new glass cockpit, and it is also planned for a Piper VI and Saratoga to attend. John McMillan of Piper UK and Nik Little and James Moreton of Emery-Little will be on hand to meet and talk with pilots. Jez Hopkinson and the Yakovlevs will also be attending. Piper owners will have the chance to talk to the pilots and view the Yakovlev display aircraft.