Editerra has released the new 2016 European 1:1,000,000 scale VFR charts and at the same time expanded its range

The popular France, Germany, Iberia and Alps areas have now been joined by detailed coverage of the Balkans, The Mediterranean and Central Europe.

With a new lower price from Flightstore of £14.95 each these charts provide all the useful information for day VFR in zones R, P and D, aerodromes and microlight airfields.


1:100 000 scale gives a clear, synthetic but nonetheless complete view of the depicted territory.

• The chart shows the FIS and Volmet frequencies;

• It contains the full Microlight Airfields base as well as private airfields;

• Its graphic design is aesthetic and luminous;

• Used by light aircraft and microlight pilots

Available from stock now at www.flightstore.co.uk

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