The LAA is warning pilots attending this weekend’s Rally that its AIC recommends a route that could lead aircraft to infringe P114.

The LAA is warning pilots attending the Rally at Sywell that its AIC recommends a route from the south-east of England that could lead aircraft to infringe the Paralympic P114 prohibited zone.

The CAA has issued a NOTAM in order to highlight the problem.

P114 is not marked in the AIC, but the recommended route follows the M25 motorway around Stapleford Airfield, across the Lee Valley reservoirs and on to Potters Bar – which is exactly along the line of the northern edge of P114. If you fly this route and fly along or south of the M25 motorway (i.e. inside the M25) you will be infringing the prohibited zone. Note that the Olympic kayaking venue at Lee Valley White Water Centre, which is very close to this route, is not being used for the Paralympics.

An alternative route would be to fly Lambourne LAM (situated close to Stapleford), to Brookmans Park BPK, not above 2,500ft, and then continue as per the AIC south of the Luton zone and then north once clear of its western end. However, a potential issue with this option is that the narrow gap between the western end Stansted stub and P114 is choke point in this busy piece of airspace.

Perhaps a better route is to fly under the western Stansted stub through the TMZ from Stapleford, LAM or North Weald to the VRP at Ware, not above 1500ft, squawking Mode S or C with 0013 and listening out on Essex Radar 120.625. If you do not have Mode S or C you can get a clearance through the TMZ from Farnborough North 132.80 or Essex Radar 120.625, then route up through the Luton/Stansted gap not above 2500ft and on up to Sywell. This option has a greatly reduced choke point effect and keeps you well clear of P114.

Finally, you could avoid this area altogether and route up the eastern side of Stansted, but do talk to Southend (130.775) if within 15 miles because it has a fair amount of EasyJet Airbus traffic going in and out in the open FIR.