The display world has lost a star

Brian Brown, who crashed fatally in a Hurricane during a Battle of Britain re-enactment at the Shoreham Air Show on Saturday 15 September, was widely respected as a skilled professional. He had over 300 hours on type and had been a regular pilot of the Real Aeroplane Company’s aircraft. Brian was airfield manager at Breighton. The Hurricane (G-HURR), a former Canadian Mk XII was operated by REAL Co from 1997 until sold to Spitfire Ltd at Duxford in late 2006. The warbird came  down in a field. Accident services were quickly on the scene. There was a fierce fire.  Brian was taking part in a mock dogfight with a ‘Messerchmitt’, but at this stage the cause of the accident is unknown.  He was performing alongside two Spitfires, two other Hurricanes and three ‘Messerchmitts’. A ‘missing man’ formation flew over the crash site soon after the accident.