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THE weekend is here and it’s the perfect opportunity to get hold of a copy of Pilot magazine so you can make the most of the next few months of events. There are fly-ins galore happening all across the country in July and August and with the weather holding there’s plenty of airborne time to be had. Check out the ‘calendar’ in the August issue and start marking up your diaries and planning those weekend flying trips.FREE LANDING VOUCHERS THIS MONTH: Waterford, Panshanger, Fife, Seething, Redhill and EnniskillenAlso in the August issue, as well as THREE flight tests and a buyers guide we also have the 20 most commonly occurring accidents and how to minimise the chance of them happening to you. Plus we meet the pilot who is living the farm-strip dream and how he made it happen and a young couple who flew all the way across the USA and back again in an unforgettable five-week trip. We also have the latest gear and products, including a new section featuring an ‘Aviation watch of the Month’ and ‘Five of the best’…this month it’s PLBs.CONTENT THIS MONTH: Flight test:         Czech Aircraft SportCruiser production version Flight test:         Piper Meridian G1000Flight test:         KZII TraenerBuyer’s guide:     Nosewheel MaulePractical aviation:     20 safety tips What’s involved in…     The Flying Farmer DreamAdventure flying:     Across the USA in a SkyhawkAirfield profile:     Wolverhampton Halfpenny GreenTHE AUGUST ISSUE IS ON SALE NOW FOR JUST �3.90