The CAA has launched an internet- based facility for updating VFR charts

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is trying to simplify the task of updating CAA VFR charts by using a free internet-based newsfeed facility.Utilising RSS (Really Simple Syndication) technology, the facility will deliver the latest information to an internet browser via dedicated newsfeeds. Alternatively, you can subscribe to these newsfeeds and have the latest chart amendments sent to a nominated email account.The notifications will direct you to the full list of revisions that are listed chronologically according to their implementation date. The service includes information on all chart amendments, includingchanges to frequencies, aerodrome details, obstacles, navigation aids,airspace boundaries and Visual Reference Points.More information on RSS can be found on the CAA website at To subscribe to the free service go to CAA VFR charts website –  – will continue to list all the chart changes and also contains numerous other resources, including  information on chart publication dates and stockists, a VFR Guide, a number of downloadable VFR Guide supplements, generic printable VFR legends for both the 1:500,000 and the 1:250,000, a What’s New and an FAQs section, a user feedback facility, a VRP co-ordinate data file and pdf versions of Type A and PATC charts.