When deciding “which flight bag is for me?” each pilot has to assess exactly what they use and the best vehicle to get those items to and from the cockpit. While the items we need to fly with continue to get smaller and lighter, the bags don’t appear to be catching on. Recognizing a need for innovation, Flight Outfitters offers the “Lift” and “Thrust” providing us with two new bags to consider.

The Lift bag features a traditional upright orientation with three large interior pockets and two external pockets that are vertically accessible and the signature orange lining provides an excellent contrast allowing pilots to quickly find what they need. The microfiber lining ensures that items like GPS, tablets, and ADS-B’s avoid potential scratching. The styling is fresh and modern with a carbon fiber textured look and a braided steel handle shows this is clearly built to last. £79.99


The Thrust sling pack combines elements of a messenger bag with a backpack design, a single strap fits nicely across the chest or over the shoulder this bag has a lightweight and slim design. The headset pocket will accommodate two standard models while the large catch-all is great for laptops or tablets. Superb value at £79.95.

Both of the Flight Outfitters bags are imported exclusively by Flightstore.

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