ABOVE: A SkyEcho 2 is a portable ADS-B transceiver eligible for the Electronic Conspicuity rebate scheme. 

A Department for Transport (DfT) rebate scheme, intended to encourage the adoption of Electronic Conspicuity (EC) devices within the GA and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) communities, has been extended.

The joint venture between the CAA and DfT was first launched in October 2020 with the intention of increasing the number of airspace users equipped with EC devices such as Pilot Aware, Sky Echo and FLARM. Predicting the “potential volume and intensity of future air operations in the UK”, a CAA statement noted: “this EC work is a step towards understanding how that will work and supports the integration of airspace users”.

An existing scheme extends a 50% rebate of the purchase cost of an EC device to a maximum of £250 (inclusive of VAT) per eligible applicant, up to a total of 3500 rebates. However, the CAA now state that “the previously advertised need to purchase equipment by 28 February no longer applies”, with the deadline for purchase extended until 31 March 2024.

Having registered for a CAA online customer portal, applicants may complete the EC rebate online registration form; providing details and evidence of the purchase. The current turnaround time is estimated as up to 30 working days.

Although the DfT and CAA are not recommending any specific device, they do suggest that “all pilots understand and consider the functional benefits, and limitations, of any EC device”. Devices currently recognised under the rebate scheme include: ADS-B Out transponders, FLARM, Pilot Aware Rosetta and Sky Echo 2, and eligibility criteria can be found on the CAA’s website. More  Information on EC devices can be found in CAP1391 and further enquiries can be made at ECRebate@caa.co.uk