MLX770 will allow pilots with Entegra system to view real-time weather

PILOTS in Europe can now see real time weather in flight after Avidyne’s MLX770 two-way datalink transceiver received approval from EASA this month.The EASA STC covers unpressurised non-N-registered metal aircraft in Europe. Separate STCs are being pursued for composite and pressurised aircraft.There are more than 750 Entegra-equipped Cirrus SR20s and SR22s and Piper PA-46 aircraft based in Europe – all can now use the MLX770. Alec Vincent of RGV Aviation in Gloucestershire, UK says he has been working closely with Avidyne on the certification efforts and already has a large number of aircraft booked for installation. The first completed aircraft is expected at the end of the year.The MLX770 works by downloading weather information via the Iridium satellite system. It then displays colour coded weather over the moving map on the MFD. Pilots can select any waypoint in the flightplan and cycle the “DISPLAY” button to view the textual information about each reporting point including TAF, METAR, WINDS and TEMPS. METAR Flags also appear on the MFD’s Trip page adjacent to each waypoint providing at-a-glance view of the weather all along the route.Pilots will pay a monthly subscription and a data cost each time it is used in flight.Additionally, the MLX770 will let you send two-way text messages and emails between your MFD and ground-based SMS-capable mobile phones. It means pilots can communicate with family and friends from their aircraft while in flight.Avidyne also plans to add other weather products in the near future including Winds & Temps Aloft, in-flight weather advisories (NOTAMs), SATRad® radar and