Cirrus has revealed an upgraded SR22 called the ‘Generation Three’

Cirrus’s latest offering, an even better SR22, was launched by Cirrus Chairman, CEO and co-founder Alan Klapmeier at Sun ’n Fun today. According to Cirrus the ‘Generation Three’ will have:•    A lighter wing centred on a new carbon-fibre spar that reduces weight by 50 lb (23 kg) while increasing its strength and fuel capacity (hence its range, too)•    The centre of gravity envelope will be expanded for greater loading flexibility at gross weight•    The main landing gear has been re-engineered to increase the SR22’s height by two inches (5.1 cm) for greater prop and tail clearance on less-than-ideal surfaces•    New LED recognition lights designed into new wingtips•    Improved handling through increased dihedral to improve lateral stability, to provide a more balanced and fluid feel.•    Redesigned wing root fairings to reduce drag and increase climb efficiency•    An improved Ice Protection System with the corrosion-resistant titanium TKS porous panels running the entire length of the wings•    A 40 percent increase in cabin airflow and the hot air temperature has been increased by 16.7C. The system is said to be smoother and easier to operate.You have to admire the Cirrus CEO — not content with announcing the upgrades at Lakeland on Tuesday, he’s flying over to the AERO show at Friedrichshafen, Germany, to announce the developments personally in Europe on Thursday with similar announcements also taking place in Brazil. Cosmetically the aircraft will also be available in a range of new colour schemes. Klapmeier also spoke about the planned development of a Cirrus jet but gave little away. VIDEO: PILOT TV: Alan Klapmeier Cofounder, Chief Executive Officer, Cirrus Design talks about the G3.