Cessna plans more diesel engines after agreeing deal with Thielert

Cessna hasreached agreement with Thielert Aircraft Engines tocollaborate on future diesel engine programmes.Full details will be announced later this year, but JohnDoman, Cessna Vice President, Worldwide Propeller Aircraft Sales, said: “We think the Thielert engine may provide a very worthwhile poweroption for many of our customers since it runs on jet fuel and diesel. We have had discussions with Frank Thielert and his group forsome time, and we think the time is right to move forward.”“We have a number of products that are of interest to Cessna and weare excited to be moving forward in our relationship,” said FrankThielert, CEO of Thielert Aircraft Engines GmbH. “The benefits aredocumented, so we have great confidence the customers of Cessna wouldbe pleased with the savings and reliability.”German engine manufacturer Thielert has won several European certifications since 2002 forretrofitting diesel engines into Cessna aircraft.