The CAA has announced RA(T)s for the UK leg of the Tour de France

A number of RA(T)s (Restricted Areas (Temporary)) have been announced covering areas of south-east London and Kent during the UK leg of the Tour de France 2007 on 8 July.During the race, aircraft will be filming and helicopters will be transporting race officials and guests to points along the route. The RA(T)s are being introduced to prevent aircraft conflicting with the flight path of aircraft flying on behalf of Le Tour.The airspace over the route will be divided into separate areas with each sector being activated at varying times as the race progresses. A number of aircraft may follow the route while remaining clear of the active RA(T)s. Therefore, says the CAA, all pilots intending to operate in the area of the Tour de France should maintain a good lookout at all times.The sectors are Thames Gateway, Medway Valley, Tunbridge Wells, Tenderden, Ashford and Canterbury. You’ll find a map of the RA(T)s and timings

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