Cessna 402C aircraft and Rand KR-2 accident 17 August 2008

On 17 August 2008, at approximately 1138 hrs local time, a twin-engine Cessna 402C aircraft and a single-engine Rand KR-2 aircraft were involved in a mid-air collision near Coombe Abbey in Warwickshire.  The four occupants of the Cessna 402C and the pilot of the Rand KR-2 were fatally injured.  Both aircraft were approaching to land at Coventry Airport at the time of the collision. The Air Accidents Investigation Branch were notified of the accident at 1205 hrs and accident investigators were on site later the same day to examine the wreckage of both aircraft and to commence a field investigation examining all aspects of both aircraft operation. The wreckage from both aircraft will be recovered to the AAIB’s facility at Farnborough for more detailed examination. An AAIB field investigation is now underway and an accident report will be released in due course.