More detailed registration information added to UK aircraft database

THE UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has enhanced the information available on its UK Register of Civil Aircraft database. The database, which holds all civil aircraft registration and airworthiness data in accordance with international regulations, now holds more detailed aircraft information.    Re-hosted on a new platform called the Aircraft Information System (AIS) the Register now holds over 21,000 live records, complete with comprehensive registration details and airworthiness information on the aircraft and its engines. The public face of the Register, G-INFO, is accessed via the CAA website at    Among the additions to G-INFO made possible by this change is the ability to access the full registration history of each UK registered aircraft.    Further improvements to G-INFO are also planned. The CAA intends to support the UK aviation industry’s requirement to meet the new European safety rules governing airworthiness validity by providing an on-line service to bring Airworthiness Review Certificates (ARC) into force.