Biggest GA gathering in Germany begins today

HUNDREDS of pilots are currently flying their way into Tannheim Airport, Germany for this year’s Tannkosh Fly-in.Tannheim lies 125km west of Munich. See map here: in previous years, the emphasis lays on hosting a great get together of pilots and aircraft and a huge Saturday night party, organised by pilots for pilots.If you’ve never been or heard of the event, Tannheim was the first public airport in Germany to allow microlights to be operated on the field. Then in 1982, the first German Microlight-Flying-School was founded and in 1993, Tannheim held its first UL-Fly-In.  By 1995 about 50 airplanes were turning up then news soon spread about the great atmosphere and other types of aircraft wanted to turn up and join in the party….Here are the numbers over the years…1998: approx. 100 airplanes1999: approx. 200 airplanes2000: approx. 150 airplanes (date postponed due to bad weather)2001: approx. 300 airplanes (great! and we figured we couldn’t beat that!)2002: approx. 400 airplanes2003: approx. 550 airplanes2004: approx. 780 airplanes2005: approx. 850 airplanes2006: more than 1.300 airplanesStay up to date with what’s happening out there with the news section of