French aviation startup Blue Spirit Aero (BSA) has revealed details of an electric four-seat aircraft powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. The BSA Dragonfly is a clean-sheet design which uses multiple electric motors to turn propellers along the leading edge of the wing in an arrangement known as Distributed Electric Propulsion. Interestingly, the hydrogen fuel tanks are located externally in order to reduce the risk of fire in the event of a leak.

The Dragonfly’s target market is flying schools as they could install the hydrogen refuelling infrastructure at their main base. The Dragonfly will be propelled by twelve motors, producing a total of 150kW. With a 12m wingspan, it will have a Maximum Take Off Weight of 1,600kg. Maximum speed is expected to be 135kt, with a range of almost 400nm. The company is aiming for the first prototype to fly by the end of 2024 with an entry into service by 2027.

Image: Blue Spirit Aero