ABOVE: The Skyleader 600 is one of the microlights that have a new UK distributor

Little Snoring-based The Light Aircraft Company (TLAC) has signed an exclusive UK and Ireland distribution agreement with Shark.Aero, the Slovak Republic Aircraft Company which manufactures the Shark microlight. The aircraft has received extensive media coverage over the last year, being the aeroplane of choice for the round-the-world solo exploits of both Mack and Zara Rutherford.

The British Microlight Aircraft Association (BMAA) has announced that three other factory- built microlight models are being brought to the British market, all of them built by Czech companies, and all of with a MTOW of 600kg.

One of these is the Ellipse, a low wing two- seater featuring a T-tail and elliptical wing design. The aircraft is powered by either the Rotax 912ULS or 912iS, with ground or flight-adjustable propellers and a retractable undercarriage option.

The two other aircraft are built by Skyleader. The Skyleader 400 is an all-metal low wing two-seater with a bubble canopy, winglets and a Rotax engine (either 912UL or 912ULS). The Skyleader 600 is a similar design, but can also be powered by the 912iS or 914UL Rotax engines, and it has an RG variant with retractable undercarriage. Both models will be imported by Inditu Air Services Limited, based at North Weald Airfield.

Image: BMAA