ABOVE: The milestone aircraft was delivered to the President of Titan Real Estate Investment Group’s home base in California

 Aircraft manufacturer Daher has delivered its 100th TBM 960 to a first-time TBM owner in the United States.

The TBM 960 was first launched in April 2022 and marks the fifth evolution of the turboprop aircraft family since the TBM 900 series was first introduced in 2014. The pressurized aircraft features a purpose-built Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6E-66XT engine, a Hartzell five-blade composite propeller and the TBM 960’s dual-channel digital Engine and Propeller Electronic Control System (EPECS).

Californian businessman Kevin Kasseff, who received the milestone model, described the TBM 960 as offering “the efficiency [he] was looking for in terms of speed, range and airport access,” adding that “its turboprop engine generates less carbon emissions than a jet”.

At Daher’s recommended cruise setting of 308 kts, the aircraft’s fuel consumption is 57 US gallons an hour; described by the manufacturer as ‘a ten percent fuel economy compared to the maximum cruise setting for more sustainability’.

“We are particularly proud that the 100th TBM 960 has been received by a newcomer to the TBM community,” commented Nicolas Chabbert, the Senior Vice President of Daher’s Aircraft Division. “It confirms that the TBM 960 is the quintessential TBM – meeting the expectations of entrepreneurs like Kevin Kasseff, who require a safe and efficient individual transportation tool”.

Daher currently manufacturers two families of single-engine turboprops: the Kodiak ant the TBM, the latter of which is available in two variants: the TBM 960 and the TBM 910.