Cessna confirms it will put its Light Sport Aircraft into production

Cessna has announced it will put into production its neat little two-seat Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)  and will unveil a full scalemock-up at Oshkosh on 22 July.“After conductingextensive market research, it is clear to us there is a great need forthis aircraft as we strive to drive down the cost of flying andlearning to fly,” said Cessna Chairman, President and CEO Jack J.Pelton. “We believe this aircraft will make a major contribution tostimulating new pilot starts and will encourage already-licenced pilotsto continue to fly because it will be more affordable.“We have developed a business case that makes sense; we haveincorporated several innovative features into the design; and webelieve we can deliver the finest aircraft in the category, combinedwith our extensive customer service, flight training and distributionnetworks, at an attractive price.”Full details of the LSA programme will be announced during the Oshkosh show, and there will be a ribbon cutting ceremonyat Cessna’s stand.We’ll bring you more as we have it.