£22.99. Hardback, 196 pages, mixed colour and black & white illustrations

Vickers/BAC VC10: 1962 to 2013 (all marks and models), Owners’ Workshop Manual

Loved by thousands of enthusiasts all over the world, the full history of this powerful and graceful aircraft is told in wonderful detail by Keith Wilson. Including so many facts and differing insights, the intriguing story of the development of the VC10 unfolds in an easy to read and rewarding style.

Illustrated mainly in colour, the elegance and technical detail of this majestic aircraft is beautifully captured.

First designed, built and operated during the pioneering age of jet engine transportation, the fact that the VC10 then continued in service for a further fifty years is a testament to its versatility and operational reliability. Loved by everyone who operated, travelled in or simply admired her, it is a tragedy that the VC10 was manufactured in such small numbers.

This latest Owners’ Workshop Manual will be appreciated by VC10 fans regardless of their previous level of interest and knowledge. It will certainly be a valuable addition to my own collection.

Review by Henry Dalton

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